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Rudy Project Boost 01

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Rudy Project’s first ever road helmet combines safety and aerodynamics into a unique and powerful design which features extreme ventilation and reduces aero drag by 12% compared to traditional road helmets. This marks the beginning of the new era of helmets for Rudy Project, resulting from years of research and the most up to date technology. The meticulous work of Rudy Project engineers, constant feedback from professional cyclists and triathletes, hours of testing in the Pininfarina Wind Tunnel, and the insight of aerodynamics guru John Cobb, all came together to create Rudy Project’s newest aerodynamic novelty.

With 10 vents, the Boost 01 features some best helmet ventilation on the market. New internal air channels help to guide and accelerate the air flow out of the rear of the helmet, which aids in heat transfer from the rider’s scalp, one of the major cooling zones of the human body. The Adaptable Air Control™ front vent cover is easily removed for long distance rides or hot weather conditions, allowing massive air intakes to cool the rider’s head.

The latest road aero technology gives the Boost 01 more than a 12% aero drag reduction compared to a traditional road helmet, along with a 65% reduction in neck torque by relocating the center of pressure. This helmet also comes standard with a removable optical shield that connects with a magnetic flip-up system. This allows the athlete to put the helmet on with ease, while cutting fog and maximizing cooling during long rides. Building on Rudy Project RP-Optics advanced polycarbonate technology, the visor also features cutting-edge coatings for superior optical protection against harmful UV rays, eliminating annoying glare and eye fatigue.

Using parts of Rudy Project’s patented Vortex Killer System, the Boost 01 features new high radius lower edges along the bottom of the helmet. This links to the rear section, which has new side scoops with specific NACA duct shaping. The air is pulled around rider’s neck and off the shoulders for improved aerodynamics.

The new Boost 01 is a true aerodynamic beauty, boasting a powerful and function design, perfect for cyclists and triathletes alike. Old and new technologies combine to create an exceptional and functional dynamic sculpture, unmistakably Rudy Project.


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