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Compressport Trail Quad

€ 62,90 € 69,00

Worn during trails, races, cycling or any other sport activity, this quad targets compression, gives support and reinforcement to thighs, absorbs shocks, easing at the same time pain and accelerating recovery. This second-to-none muscle support combines high performance, compression and lightweight.

Forming part of the trail running product range, this lightweight compressive trail quad compresses on targeted areas.

 The Tops of  TRAIL QUAD

  • The ergo-formable shape of the quad makes it fit perfectly every curve of your body thus maximizing efficiency and comfort. No chafing is allowed.
  • The quad is fitted with a micro-fibre band that protects the sensitive skin around the thighs.
  • Made of some exclusive compression fabric, the Trail Quad has a massaging effect after each movement making you feel well and light.
  • Moreover the fibre accentuates compression on precise points, in a multi-graduated manner that activates blood flow, eliminates toxins
  • It is water repellent and wicks away moisture. You stay dry and fresh in your Quad!
  • After exercise, it continues to accelerate venous return, flushing the toxins from, and increasing oxygenation to the calves, and quadriceps.
  • Muscle soreness is delayed, damaged muscles repair is quickened and recovery is reached faster.

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