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Pegaso AxiFerro

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A food supplement comprising minerals, vitamins and vegetable extracts capable of providing extra iron when natural levels fall short for any reason, including mild anaemia, pregnancy and breast-feeding.


  • Is highly digestible and easily tolerated by “more sensitive people”, without the most common side effects (stomach cramps, dark faeces, nausea)*
  • It is effective even after brief periods of use*
  • High bio-availability: it is readily usable by the body
  • Suitable for:
    – vegetarians because it is made entirely from ingredients of vegetable origin
    – coeliacs because it is gluten-free (listed in the A.I.C. directory – italian society for the celiac disease)
    – for pregnant women because it contains folic acid in the right quantities to meet daily needs
    – during breastfeeding
  • Lactose-free
  • Contains no sucrose
  • Free from added preservatives, colouring and flavouring
  • Small tablets: easy to swallow and to personalise dosage

data obtained from a clinical study conducted on 80 people 
Useful for

  • In general in all cases of deficiency due to nutritional deficit or impaired absorption
  • During pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • In cases of mild anaemia due to irregular and/or abnormally heavy menstrual periods.

Also suitable for elderly people and pregnant and breast-feeding women.

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