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Saltstick Mini Dispenser

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  • Saltstick Mini Dispensers work with tri bars, road bike bars, mountain bike bars, running belts, ski poles and more.
  • Holds 3 size “0” or “00” capsules and dispenses capsules with the single-handed turn of a knob.
  • This unique, patented design is water resistant and will keep your capsules dry and prevent them from bouncing around during activity.
  • Used by top pros at Ironman Kona since 2005 and complies with USA Triathlon regulations.
  • Use SaltStick Caps in your SaltStick Mini Dispenser to reduce heat stress, reduce muscle cramping, and maintain electrolyte levels

Why use SaltStick Mini Dispensers?

SaltStick Mini Dispensers are designed to hide discreetly inside most mountain, triathlon or road style handlebars to deliver salt capsules or other supplements when needed during your ride. Includes a unique GRIP and allows for mounting on hydration or race belts. Turn the front knob with one hand and out pops a capsule! Holds 3 size “0” or “00” capsules. Using SaltStick Caps at 1 to 2 per hour, a fully loaded SaltStick Dispenser will last 1.5 to 3 hours. This unique, patented design is water resistant and will keep your capsules dry and prevents them from bouncing around during activity. SaltStick Mini-Dispensers are lightweight and made of food-grade plastic. Each package includes an extra color- coded nozzle for multiple supplement dispensing. SaltStick Dispensers have been used by top pros at Ironman Kona since 2005 and comply with USA Triathlon regulations.

  • Specs and Sizing — get the details on the Mini Dispenser specifications and capsule sizing chart.
  • Easy Installation  — view our installation video and download our easy installation guide.
  • Dispenser Photo Gallery — an awesome gallery of Dispenser and Mini Dispenser installations on a variety of bikes and running belts.
  • Warranty Details — review the complete warranty details if you need to repair or replace your Mini Dispenser.
  • Answers to Your FAQ — the most frequently asked questions about SaltStick Dispensers and Mini Dispensers.  Topics include product usage, installation and trouble-shooting.


Patented Design
Length: 3.3″ (84mm) straight run required for inside bar installation
Diameter: at least 0.60″ (15mm) insertion section required for inside bar installation
Weight: 12g empty (1/3 oz.)
Capacity: 3 “0” or “00” capsules:

Note: The SaltStick Dispenser® is not a child-proof safety design. It is designed specifically to dispense electrolyte capsules. Proper usage of the SaltStick Dispenser® is the sole responsibility of the user.

Capsule Sizing Chart

Salt Stick Capsule Sizing Chart

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