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Super Op

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Supercompensation is the performance improvement process that your body undertakes to respond to the stress of training.
Training causes a performance improvement only if its workload is appropriate for your supercompensation phase.

An excessive workload is harmful; too light a load does not sufficiently stimulate your response.

SuperOp is the only tool to identify the ideal training workload that maximizes your performance improvement.

SuperOp optimizes performance for all sports, both short and long duration. It is particularly indicated for:


  • running
  • cycling
  • triathlon



  • rowing
  • swimming
  • judo


SuperOp works for all types of sport, where the organic and metabolic engagement can be a limiting or a promoting factor for performance. Therefore, it is suited also for skiing, both alpine as well as cross-country, martial arts, race walking, athletics,tennis and team sports such as soccer, futsal, basketball, rugby, volleyball, football andcombat sports.

Note: “running” includes long-distance, medium-distance, marathon and ultra marathon.

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