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Xbionic Run Speed Metal

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THIS PRODUCT IS ALMOST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE" The revolutionary X-SOCKS® compression socks for the runner incorporates the newly developed xitanit™ fibre. As soon as you slip into them they even feel cool. Thanks to the high degree of conductivity by xitanit™, warmth from the foot is carried away, just as a spoon in a cup of tea disperses heat. In addition, the foot doesn't heat up from outside warmth due to xitanit™'s ability to reflect the heat. The effect is clearly perciptible as the foot stays cooler. Also essential is that xitanit™ disperses moisture quickly and effectively. The process is supported by the AirCool Stripes™, AirFlow™ Ankle Protector and the AirConditioning Channel®, all of which aid in effective foot ventilation. The result is dry, climate-controlled feet, even on hot summer days.

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